Into Waters Islands Dreams And Creatures Come

by nylon union

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If Undisclosed Grounds was a question, Into Waters would be the answer.


releases May 1, 2019


all rights reserved



nylon union Bratislava, Slovakia

Into Waters Islands Dreams And Creatures Come coming out on May 1, 2019

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Track Name: In the Rain
I wake up into the silence, into the darkness, into the rain, in the rain
I wake up into the blindness, into the madness, through the rain, in the rain
I wake up into the violence, into the kindness, of the rain, in the rain
Track Name: Poetry Of Ice
Made of glass, a thing between us,
being there shot in day-for-night,
there's something in the wall of glass.
Crystallize the poetry of ice!

Deep inside, the changing parts.
Could we please stop it down the line?
When the greatest wall of glass...
Crystallize all the poetry of ice!

The light oh it seems to be nice,
I don’t mind.
And the rain slowly falling down,
to the ground,
it turns to ice.

(Let's) synchronize, by chance,
slowly correlate the sides,
when we look through the wall of glass.
Crystallize the poetry of ice!
Track Name: Time Now
There's no time / it's just now
There's no now / it's just time
Track Name: Wind
's the wind.
Who cares?
I don't know.

's the wind,
who was.
You know.

Not me,
not you,

's the wind,
who cares,
who knows.

In the wind.
Who knows?
The wind.
Track Name: Words
Scattered around
Silent notes that once were thre on the ground

Floating around
Quiet hopes have faded away into white

Buzzing around
Empty thoughts are filling the space of this now

Scared ones
Abused by their crushed desires and done

But we've
Embraced our
Helpless culprits free to feel loved
Track Name: Bose-Einstein Condensate
The snow around is melting
All set for waiting
Just above the ground
Mommy, please hold me tight, it feels so right
Above the ground

The ice below in motion
Slowly down to the ocean
Floating above the ground
Mommy, please hold me tight, it feels so fine
Above the ground

Are we what we know?
Or are we what we feel we know just to carry on?

A night filled with glow
Down there below
Almost touching the ground
Mommy, please tell me now, where is our home?
Are we falling down?

Are we the hope?
Track Name: #C80815
The light that interferes with the void that penetrates the time, the light
The light embraces the night and hides inside the void (up and down)
The light, immanent in the void, in an excavation of time, the light
The light, when now fills the void, when if turns to now, and now the light...
Track Name: Flooded Away
Flooded away, flooded away to someone else
Flooded away, flooded home and so displaced
Washed away, washed away to somewhere else
Carried away, carried away by someone else
Floating away
Blown away

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